How High Will You Go With Strong Spells Of Love?


Talk about the power of love. Talk about a higher love. All folks do most of the time is talk about love. They never seem to act on it. Perhaps that has a lot to do with the way life is today. Everyone is scurrying about like loyal ants trying to get things done to the satisfaction of a higher command. The old saying in the workplace that seemed to please stern bosses goes like this. The boss would command his loyal subject to jump. And the loyal foot soldier would beg to know just how high he must jump. He was prepared to jump as high as he possible could for his boss. Never mind him. Never mind that he continued to struggle in his daily and personal life.

By the time the poor worker got home much later that night, he would be far too tired for love. He was so tired that he could never truly appreciate just how much love went into preparing the evening meal. He was too tired to acknowledge his doting wife who, ironically, was also more than prepared to jump at his command. But not tonight, the old man is just simply far too tired. Far too tired for love. Want to make another baby, yet another one, isn’t the family large enough. No. Too tired. And so it goes on. It is still going on today. Folks are, however, moving in the right direction. They are slowly but surely marching forward.

Sooner or later, they will be in full command of their lives. Perhaps even someday soon, they will have more time for love. You can almost sense it. There is a strong breeze ahead. It is bringing with it strong spells of love. But will folks grasp it. In reality, still today, many folks still have little precious time for love. The closer they come to it, and it is usually a choice they make, is to material love. Yes, there is a love for material possessions. But so too, a desire to possess the other materially. They call it a casual affair. And that seems to be alright. If it is going to bring a person a few hours of bliss for the week or month then so be it.

But is this acceptable? By the time your lover has left your side, you are all alone in the world again. Would it not be better to experience higher love? Would it not be better to always experience the true power of true love? True love does not need to be a case of falling head over heels in love with another. It can just as easily be a case of going out there and making a difference. Bringing joy and sustenance to those who really need it the most. You could do that with strong spells of love. Or you could use it for your regular casual fling.